Every human being is born with its own uniqueness. The difference was obvious and easy to find from a lot of things, ranging from gender, face, until the hidden things though.

Talking about the differences of hidden things, reproductive organ is one of them. Men and women are clearly different from both the form and function of reproductive organs. In women, a difference that was still visible up to one of the outside of the genital organs of the hymen. It was still very strong in the culture of our society that the hymen is one marker of a woman's chastity or virginity.

Unfortunate, mistakes and lack of accurate information about female genital organ part is still common and often detrimental to the position Kailan. Any information that is often mistaken or even not many people know is a form of female hymen is not uniform or the same shape. Knowing the fact that the shape of the hymen varies expected to change perceptions and rectifying a wrong assumption about this female organs.

Woman's hymen is different and has a hole or pore shape varies. The degree of softness and flexibility of the membrane is also called the "hymen" is also different. "The hymen has many forms, ranging from an annular shape, there are bersepta-septa and there is also a cibriformis or holes. Due to its shape membranes, bleeding is usually a bit part.

Well, here's the usual love bleed during first intercourse. But not all women will be. When a woman has an annular shape its form membrane is very thin, it's likely he will not bleed at all at the time of first sexual intercourse.

With this fact as well, some of the myths about virginity blood can actually be straightened out. In addition to the thin and hollow types, there are also women who do not have a pit membranes part at all or also called "impervorate Hymen". This type is a genetic disorder and a woman will usually trouble when entering the menstrual period. "It is a congenital abnormality or congenital. Consequently a woman is not menstruating for a long time, but when he actually menstrual blood retained in the vagina and can cause tumors.

After a menstruating woman the first time, the hole in the hymen can grow wide. But certainly, having ripped or torn hymen can not be restored to its original intact.


Although there are specialists who can claim memulihan or repair the hymen, it is actually done to restore the mental and psychological trauma patients only. "Because it is so thin and no blood vessels, the hymen can not be fixed. Irreversibly So not being a virgin.

If done her hymen surgery certainly is not improved. Doctors usually perform only the necessary action to restore confidence and reassure the patient. Actually, if everyone already has an understanding of the hymen, the operation is not at all necessary. Next >>>

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