Ernst Grafenberg, a Germany doctor who first wrote about an erogenous zone stimulation full point on the front wall of the vagina called the G-spot.

Then, the doctor wrote in a book called The G-spot in 1982. Zone G-spot is located behind the pubic bone and is often credited as the trigger of Miss V (vs. clitoral) to orgasm, and even a catalyst (a substance that can speed up or slow down the reaction at the end of the reaction released back in shape) for female ejaculation.

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Through research in 2008, a team of Italian researchers solve the mystery of the orgasm in Miss V and G-spot is different. These results are declared after they found anatomical differences in women who can orgasm with the G-spot can not. As quoted from The Sun.

Founder of the psychoanalysis in psychology, Sigmund Freud said, the area clitoral orgasm is a form of "small" of climax orgasm Miss V, which requires the presence of penetration Mr P. "In Freud's view, there are two ways for this: if a woman can not be satisfied with penetrative sex, then there must be something wrong with it," says Ian Kerner, PhD, author of She Comes First, as quoted by WebMD.

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The existence of the G-spot is still a debate, and whether this is fact or fiction, it all depends on who you ask. "G-spot exists. This is the source of strength of orgasm for most women," said Seth Prosterman PhD, clinical sexologist and marriage and family therapy from San Francisco. "I think the G-spot exists. As urologists, we worked a lot in the area (where the G-spot is located), and there was something there," said Ira Sharlip MD, Professor of Urology of the University of California. Prosterman and other medical experts emphasize the importance of the G-spot as the context of the conversation. Therefore, the G-spot is an extension of the topic around the anatomy clitoris, which extends to channel Miss V.

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Kerner writes that the G-spot is nothing more than the roots of the clitoris which cross each other in the urethral sponge. Helen O'Connell MD, head of the Department of Urology unit neurourology Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia, said the G-spot has much in common with Freud's ideas about orgasm Miss V. It is a sexual concept, especially anatomical causes confusion and has led to erroneous ideas about sexuality that is very complex. Next >>>

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