Anatomy Vagina

The vagina (from the Latin word meaning literally "protector" or "shell") or the vagina is a tube-shaped channel that connects the uterus to the outside of the body and marsupilia female mammals, or to the cloaca in female birds, monotrem, and some reptiles. In Japanese language called 膣は膣日本語と呼ばれる, Vagina in German is called vaginale, em Português é chamado vaginal, في اللغة العربية ما يسمى المهبل, dans la langue française est appelée vaginal, 한국어 질이라고, στα ελληνικά ονομάζεται κόλπο, Afrikaanse taal genoem die vagina, and in the Malay language called FARAJ.
Insects and some invertebrates also have a vagina, which is the final part of the oviduct.

The vagina is the female reproductive organs in mammals, as well as the penis in male mammals. Vaginal secretions variety such as sweat, sebum, and the secretion of Bartholin's and Skene's glands at the vulva, endometrial and oviductal fluids (which changes with the menstrual cycle), cervical mucus, exfoliated cells, and secretions of the vaginal wall itself, which can increase sexual arousal.

Structure Vagina

Vagina in all women secrete pyridine, squalene, urea, acetic acid, lactic acid, complex alcohols (including cholesterol), glycols (including propylene glycol) ketones and aldehydes. But a more detailed chemical acid in vaginal divided the women into two groups.


All women produce acetic acid, but it also produces a third of a short series of aliphatic acids. Short circuit aliphatic acids, which include acetic, propionic, isovaleric, isobutyric, propanoic, and butanoic acid. All acids are a pungent class of chemicals produced by other primate species as a signal probe / sexual smell. Although no one ever proved the role of these acids in the rules of human relationships, some researchers consider this as copullins and pheromones in humans.

The vagina is the female reproductive organs are highly susceptible to infection. This is due to the boundary between the urethra to the anus is very close, so that germs such as fungi, bacteria, parasites, and viruses easily fit into the vagina. For that, she should be diligent in caring for personal hygiene this region. Infections also occur because of disruption of the balance of the vaginal ecosystem.

Vaginal ecosystem

Vaginal ecosystem is a circle of life is influenced by two main elements, namely estrogen and Lactobacillus bacteria or good bacteria. Here estrogen plays a role in determining the levels of sugars as energy savings in the cell body (glycogen). Glycogen is the nutrition of Lactobacillus, which will be metabolized for growth. Metabolic waste then produces lactic acid, which determines the acid environment in the vagina, with the potential Hydrogen (pH) ranged from 3.8 to 4.2. With this level of acidity, Lactobacillus will be fertile and pathogenic bacteria (bad) will die. In the vagina there is a wide range of bacteria, Lactobacillus 95 percent, 5 percent pathogens.

In this condition the vaginal ecosystem balanced, pathogenic bacteria will not bother. When the balance is disturbed, for example, the acidity decreases, the natural defense will also go down, and prone to infection. The imbalance of the vaginal ecosystem due to many factors. Among other oral contraceptives, diabetes mellitus, antibiotics, menstrual blood, semen, spraying the liquid into the vagina (douching), and hormonal disorders such as puberty, pregnancy, or menopause. Despite the size of vaginal variety in women, but the size of its length ranges from 6 to 7.5 cm (2.5 to 3 inches) includes the anterior wall, and 9 cm (3.5 inches) for the length of the posterior wall covering.

At the time of sexual stimulation, vaginal length and width will increase. Vaginal elasticity can assist in the process of sexual intercourse, and in addition help during the birth process.  Next >>>

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