Many hidden things about what women want in bed . This does not mean the men do not care , but because women do not disclose it or she was too embarrassed to tell the men .

It is however also open to couples who can express his desire to have the quality of sex is much better , because the man should always encourage their partners to be more open to say his wish . But as long as you are still trying to start the move in pairs , there are 5 common knowledge about women . All women are different , but there are a few things about sex in which all women in general agree . This is the secret that can make enjoying sex .

Secret 1 : She likes sex during menstruation

In general this is true , but there are rules . This will make the situation become so fast wet . Make sure you both a shower and get cleaned up immediately . Another problem you might face is dryness in the vagina while . If she uses tampons , there will be a slight discomfort when he let go and be prepared to have sex with a " lubricant " . She will be stimulated by very quickly , but for the " entry - insert " especially in a state of vaginal dryness will cause pain and discomfort , so do not ruin your next opportunity with too pushy on the penetration . The bonus of this is sex during menstruation she becomes passionate . Hormones are made ​​like this .

Secret 2 : She does not like the endless sex

Have a happy woman , it is a very good thing . Do not ruin it by trying to prove something to yourself silly . Indeed, the sex machine there , but are they not wearing wires to keep it vibrating ? And are not they made ​​of plastic or rubber ? Women want a soul mate not a sex machine . Women really like orgasm just like men , but once is good . Two times deem just like a bonus and after that it all depends on the situation . You have to know when to stop and start to lay down his arms and enjoy the fragrance of her hair . Do not worry if he still wants to do the next round , he will definitely make you know .

Secret 3 : She thinks too much finger will cause discomfort

When using your fingers to stimulate your woman , remember that the most outer part of the vagina has many nerve endings than most parts of it . Use this knowledge as an advantage for you . The point here , to give him pleasure , stay at the parts that can easily stimulate her : the outer part of the vagina , a little part inside of the vagina and the G - spot . When it starts to turn her on , start with one finger . After tickling the outside , to enter into it do it gently and make sure the conditions are already wet . Begin tickle on the front of the wall of the vagina . There you will find the G - spot . If  she wants you to put it in or stimulate it harder, She will show it by pushing his body towards you . Will feel less comfortable for her if up to half of all fingers fit into. So do not forget to ask her before inserting another finger and should not be trying to reach her ​​cervix . Nails clean and clipped short is highly recommended .

Secret 4 : She likes to try new things

There are many things that he always wanted to try , but she may feel free to ask or start . Some variations of sex that maybe he was afraid to ask , such as: anal sex , anal using fingers , sex outdoors and swap roles . None of these variations are classified as hard core as you both think. Many ordinary people who often do and the results are very good . An easy and fun way to learn new variations like what she wants to try is to exchange sex wish list . Write down everything , then bertukarlah and busy start to read and imagine how to try it together .  Next >>>


Entering puberty in women and men will grow hair on their genitals. Hair grows on the penis and the vagina just like the first, delicate hairs then will multiply and dense. However, the growth of pubic hair in much influenced by genetic, some have few, but there are so many dense and lush.

Women as being synonymous with beauty will care for and nurture her limbs including the hair that grows in the vagina. The forms of hair can reflect the nature of the woman's vagina and her personality:

1. Pussy hair is left long.

Pussy hair is left long without shaving a woman who has the qualities and strong character. Women are very confident and follow their own way. They let people like or hate who they are. This woman is the type of person who likes to see his own cock through a hand mirror. Despite claims feminists, these women still love to be spoiled by men.

2. Hair shape Vagina Small Vertical Lines

Small vertical lines or Landing strip is the name for the habit of shaving pubic hair shape resembles a small vertical line centered in the middle of the pubic. Women who use this style are those that seem easy to follow any trends emerging. They are keen to do what they want, but only if they are sure they will be successful. Women usually like this kind of thong panties.

3. Vagina Hair Shape Triangle

Vaginal Hair Shape Triangle is the nature of women who do not like to follow the trend. They will only follow the trends they like. Such women like to travel and know how to make other people interested in her. This woman can be very annoying, but he has a charm that can not be rejected by others.

4. Hair Shaving Vagina Not Perfect

Not Perfect Vagina Shaving hair pieces, leaving a strange and ragged. Women who love to do this usually have a habit of making 'to do list' but rarely obeyed. This woman has a home and a life that looked neat, but actually not so. In addition, these women also like to do everything myself, like painting the bag, cut jeans, paint the house, and others. The plus side is that this woman knows how to relax. So even though sometimes bad things happen, they know how to deal with it.

5. Unique Shape Shape Hair Vagina

Unique Shape Shape Hair Vaginal like certain forms, for example a heart shape, lightning, and other. This kind of woman is in dire need of attention and will strive to get it. He's doing things like painting the unusual hair with strange colors, dancing on tables, and others. But not all the weird things he does poorly. This woman also has the advantage of its uniqueness.

6. Hair shaved vagina until Balding

Women often shave pubic hair to bald aka "Bald" is a woman who wants to have perfection. He wants everything neatly organized. Usually these women would not have let her house messy, dirty sink, and others. She always pays attention to detail and do not let a mistake escaped her notice.

7. Vajazzle

Vajazzle is a decoration attached to the pubic hair. Can be a tattoo, crystal, and other piercing. Women who like to do this on her pubic hair usually do this on all goods, eg shoes, cell phones, and genitals. This woman wants to look glamorous and okay all the time. Even so, they are also no problem wearing regular clothes and do not wear make up occasionally. In the opinion of people, such women are usually also love affair. Next >>>


Every human being is born with its own uniqueness. The difference was obvious and easy to find from a lot of things, ranging from gender, face, until the hidden things though.

Talking about the differences of hidden things, reproductive organ is one of them. Men and women are clearly different from both the form and function of reproductive organs. In women, a difference that was still visible up to one of the outside of the genital organs of the hymen. It was still very strong in the culture of our society that the hymen is one marker of a woman's chastity or virginity.

Unfortunate, mistakes and lack of accurate information about female genital organ part is still common and often detrimental to the position Kailan. Any information that is often mistaken or even not many people know is a form of female hymen is not uniform or the same shape. Knowing the fact that the shape of the hymen varies expected to change perceptions and rectifying a wrong assumption about this female organs.

Woman's hymen is different and has a hole or pore shape varies. The degree of softness and flexibility of the membrane is also called the "hymen" is also different. "The hymen has many forms, ranging from an annular shape, there are bersepta-septa and there is also a cibriformis or holes. Due to its shape membranes, bleeding is usually a bit part.

Well, here's the usual love bleed during first intercourse. But not all women will be. When a woman has an annular shape its form membrane is very thin, it's likely he will not bleed at all at the time of first sexual intercourse.

vagina anatomy

With this fact as well, some of the myths about virginity blood can actually be straightened out. In addition to the thin and hollow types, there are also women who do not have a pit membranes part at all or also called "impervorate Hymen". This type is a genetic disorder and a woman will usually trouble when entering the menstrual period. "It is a congenital abnormality or congenital. Consequently a woman is not menstruating for a long time, but when he actually menstrual blood retained in the vagina and can cause tumors.

After a menstruating woman the first time, the hole in the hymen can grow wide. But certainly, having ripped or torn hymen can not be restored to its original intact.


Although there are specialists who can claim memulihan or repair the hymen, it is actually done to restore the mental and psychological trauma patients only. "Because it is so thin and no blood vessels, the hymen can not be fixed. Irreversibly So not being a virgin.

If done her hymen surgery certainly is not improved. Doctors usually perform only the necessary action to restore confidence and reassure the patient. Actually, if everyone already has an understanding of the hymen, the operation is not at all necessary. Next >>>

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Ernst Grafenberg, a Germany doctor who first wrote about an erogenous zone stimulation full point on the front wall of the vagina called the G-spot.

Then, the doctor wrote in a book called The G-spot in 1982. Zone G-spot is located behind the pubic bone and is often credited as the trigger of Miss V (vs. clitoral) to orgasm, and even a catalyst (a substance that can speed up or slow down the reaction at the end of the reaction released back in shape) for female ejaculation.

orgasm woman

Through research in 2008, a team of Italian researchers solve the mystery of the orgasm in Miss V and G-spot is different. These results are declared after they found anatomical differences in women who can orgasm with the G-spot can not. As quoted from The Sun.

Founder of the psychoanalysis in psychology, Sigmund Freud said, the area clitoral orgasm is a form of "small" of climax orgasm Miss V, which requires the presence of penetration Mr P. "In Freud's view, there are two ways for this: if a woman can not be satisfied with penetrative sex, then there must be something wrong with it," says Ian Kerner, PhD, author of She Comes First, as quoted by WebMD.

g spot

The existence of the G-spot is still a debate, and whether this is fact or fiction, it all depends on who you ask. "G-spot exists. This is the source of strength of orgasm for most women," said Seth Prosterman PhD, clinical sexologist and marriage and family therapy from San Francisco. "I think the G-spot exists. As urologists, we worked a lot in the area (where the G-spot is located), and there was something there," said Ira Sharlip MD, Professor of Urology of the University of California. Prosterman and other medical experts emphasize the importance of the G-spot as the context of the conversation. Therefore, the G-spot is an extension of the topic around the anatomy clitoris, which extends to channel Miss V.

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Kerner writes that the G-spot is nothing more than the roots of the clitoris which cross each other in the urethral sponge. Helen O'Connell MD, head of the Department of Urology unit neurourology Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia, said the G-spot has much in common with Freud's ideas about orgasm Miss V. It is a sexual concept, especially anatomical causes confusion and has led to erroneous ideas about sexuality that is very complex. Next >>>

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Anatomy Vagina

The vagina (from the Latin word meaning literally "protector" or "shell") or the vagina is a tube-shaped channel that connects the uterus to the outside of the body and marsupilia female mammals, or to the cloaca in female birds, monotrem, and some reptiles. In Japanese language called 膣は膣日本語と呼ばれる, Vagina in German is called vaginale, em Português é chamado vaginal, في اللغة العربية ما يسمى المهبل, dans la langue française est appelée vaginal, 한국어 질이라고, στα ελληνικά ονομάζεται κόλπο, Afrikaanse taal genoem die vagina, and in the Malay language called FARAJ.
Insects and some invertebrates also have a vagina, which is the final part of the oviduct.

The vagina is the female reproductive organs in mammals, as well as the penis in male mammals. Vaginal secretions variety such as sweat, sebum, and the secretion of Bartholin's and Skene's glands at the vulva, endometrial and oviductal fluids (which changes with the menstrual cycle), cervical mucus, exfoliated cells, and secretions of the vaginal wall itself, which can increase sexual arousal.

Structure Vagina

Vagina in all women secrete pyridine, squalene, urea, acetic acid, lactic acid, complex alcohols (including cholesterol), glycols (including propylene glycol) ketones and aldehydes. But a more detailed chemical acid in vaginal divided the women into two groups.

vagina anatomy


All women produce acetic acid, but it also produces a third of a short series of aliphatic acids. Short circuit aliphatic acids, which include acetic, propionic, isovaleric, isobutyric, propanoic, and butanoic acid. All acids are a pungent class of chemicals produced by other primate species as a signal probe / sexual smell. Although no one ever proved the role of these acids in the rules of human relationships, some researchers consider this as copullins and pheromones in humans.

The vagina is the female reproductive organs are highly susceptible to infection. This is due to the boundary between the urethra to the anus is very close, so that germs such as fungi, bacteria, parasites, and viruses easily fit into the vagina. For that, she should be diligent in caring for personal hygiene this region. Infections also occur because of disruption of the balance of the vaginal ecosystem.

g spot

Vaginal ecosystem

Vaginal ecosystem is a circle of life is influenced by two main elements, namely estrogen and Lactobacillus bacteria or good bacteria. Here estrogen plays a role in determining the levels of sugars as energy savings in the cell body (glycogen). Glycogen is the nutrition of Lactobacillus, which will be metabolized for growth. Metabolic waste then produces lactic acid, which determines the acid environment in the vagina, with the potential Hydrogen (pH) ranged from 3.8 to 4.2. With this level of acidity, Lactobacillus will be fertile and pathogenic bacteria (bad) will die. In the vagina there is a wide range of bacteria, Lactobacillus 95 percent, 5 percent pathogens.

hymen bentuk selaput dara wanita

In this condition the vaginal ecosystem balanced, pathogenic bacteria will not bother. When the balance is disturbed, for example, the acidity decreases, the natural defense will also go down, and prone to infection. The imbalance of the vaginal ecosystem due to many factors. Among other oral contraceptives, diabetes mellitus, antibiotics, menstrual blood, semen, spraying the liquid into the vagina (douching), and hormonal disorders such as puberty, pregnancy, or menopause. Despite the size of vaginal variety in women, but the size of its length ranges from 6 to 7.5 cm (2.5 to 3 inches) includes the anterior wall, and 9 cm (3.5 inches) for the length of the posterior wall covering.

gambar vagina anatomy

At the time of sexual stimulation, vaginal length and width will increase. Vaginal elasticity can assist in the process of sexual intercourse, and in addition help during the birth process.  Next >>>

See also:

HOW TO GET BEAUTIFUL BREAST | Treatments to raise and tighten the breast.

To get beautiful breasts done in many ways. Some women do treatments to raise and tighten the breast. There are also smeared with a special cream that looks tight. The most extreme is to plastic surgery in order to get the best shape.

Various ways are certainly not prohibited, as long as it is done right. When you take medicine to enlarge and make dense breasts, look for drugs that have been registered in the health department and clinical tested by the FDA and drugs. If you choose cream, read the rules of use. Similarly, when the operation of choice, of course you have to be prepared mentally, physically, and funds are not small.

Yet there is a more effective, fun, and cost were the most expensive, but the process did not for a moment. Trust me, your patience will produce outstanding results. What are this way?

1. Sport

Any sport in principle the same, eliminating the calories, increase stamina, boost metabolism and strengthen the entire muscle tissue, not to mention the existing muscle tissue in your breasts, which over time will make it tight.

2. No alcohol

Alcohol can make the work of the organs of the body is reduced. Blood flow is not smooth and the muscles become rigid. Instead you should try red or white wine because it can make good organ function runs through the nature of the sour grapes and warm.

3. Breast Massage

This massage can be done alone, you know. The trick, use a warm essential oil (can be a mixture of sandalwood and cinnamon) and start from the shoulder and shoulder blade tension or stress that is lost. Then start gently massage your breasts for 15 times towards the continued outward for 15 times. Perform this massage on a regular basis, three times a week. After that you can just shower with warm water to a smooth blood circulation.

4. Use appropriate Bra

Despite wanting to be beautiful breasts and tight, does not mean you use a push up bra one number less than your actual size. This method will only make the breasts become sore and red because peyangga is too tight. Keep wearing a bra with cup and ring suitable for a good bra will make your breasts become more comfortable.

beatiful breast

5. Enough rest

Maybe you frown, what a beautiful breasts and a tight relationship with sleep is enough? Logically, the breast is the part of the body. If the body is tired, all the parts, too exhausted. Eyes become swollen, dull skin, pale face unhealthy breasts to feel the stress so that your metabolism will run improperly. If this happens, over time, your breasts will become loose and fall.

6. Routine breast care

Paying attention to our chest turned out to be extra careful. Leather cover breast is more tender than other skin areas. Moreover, the skin around the nipple (areola). Skin is softer than also more sensitive and easily irritated. Pink areola main attraction. To take care of this section, it turns out you are prohibited from anointing him with soap, let alone rub-scrubbed too hard. Use lavender or sweet almond oil to keep the humidity at the same time making it look healthy and pink.

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7. Use breast lotion

Try searching the breast lotion in stores cosmetics ingredients rice flour that can tighten, smooth skin, beautify shape and reduce strecht mark on your breast.
When about to give the lotion, lie supine position. Previously you had to clean the breast with warm water. Masks do not need to cover the nipples because of different skin conditions. After the mask dries, rinse off with warm water followed by cold water as he patted it gently with two fingers. Next >>>


Could sperm swallowing woman causing the fertilization process and produce a baby? In theory it is not possible. But 22 years ago, there was a 15-year-old girl who became pregnant by swallowing sperm her boyfriend. How is this possible? Pregnant 15 years old girl from swallowing sperm occurred in 1988 in the area of ​​Lesotho, South Africa but only recently recognized the many stories lately. Here are excerpts of his story as quoted from Lemondrop.

Incident began when girl 15 years old who works at a bar that was having oral sex with her lover. In that instant, suddenly ex-boyfriend came and got angry. The former did not receive notice incident in front of his eyes. He immediately took a knife and a fight ensued between them. As a result of the fight, the girl was injured in the arm and stomach. She was then rushed to hospital with stomach wounds were pretty severe. Doctors immediately operated to cover the ripped stomach. But before closing the hole in his stomach, doctors found a lot of fluid in his stomach that turned out to be saliva.

sperma and ovum

The girl's condition gradually improved after surgery, he was able to go home 10 days later. But 278 days or about 9 months later, he came back to the hospital because of pain in his stomach. Unlike the earlier arrival, this time it comes with an enlarged abdomen. Previous doctors thought she was pregnant but the girl denied it because it was never done through vaginal sex. After the check, the doctor was surprised that there was a baby in the womb of her heartbeat and the sound of his stomach. Still in a state of amazement, the doctor immediately to prepare for the birth of the baby from the belly of the girl. However, during labor, the doctor was surprised because she did not have a vagina. Cesarean section was performed, and finally came out a baby boy weighing 2.8 kg.

To answer the riddle of the emergence of the baby in her womb, doctors conduct interrogations accompanied by a nurse. From the results of the interrogation, the girl admitted to swallowing sperm lover during oral sex. He always had oral sex because the vagina has no conscious.

Check the results against the girl's doctor did not indicate on the vulva vagina, only a shallow indentation on the outside of the urethra and between parts of the labia minora.

She was known to have a vaginal abnormality called Mullerian agenesis which makes reproductive system (vagina, cervix, and uterus) is incomplete. Patients with Mullerian agenesis have trouble having sex and will feel tremendous pain when forced intercourse. The girl was a little worried when her belly swell after surgery 9 months ago. But he never ignored and thought it was just a side effect of the surgery before, after all he is not too big belly size at the time.

But how can the girl get pregnant while never having sex with vagina?

Doctors also provide an explanation based on the reference of the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Chances are, the sperm go through the digestive tract. Although in theory the sperm can not survive in the highly acidic stomach environment, but what happened to her is not the case. Sperm can be ingested through the stomach and into the reproduction without damage as protected by saliva which serves as a buffer or neutralizing agent when it encounters stomach acid.

Saliva can neutralize acidic because it has a high pH (alkaline). The girl is known to have a very thin body, according to physician factors that trigger the production of excess saliva. To date, the case of the entry of the sperm through the digestive tract it still makes some doctors are confused and do not believe. Next >>>
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